I installed from the update site and UCDetector doesn't work at all. Help!

Try: Or start eclipse with the osgi console and install ucdetector manually:
$ cd eclipse
$ ./eclipse -console
osgi> install file:./dropins/org.ucdetector_2.0.0.jar
osgi> start org.ucdetector
The following discussion may also help The chosen operation is not available
See also: Error when try install plugin

Why doesn't the Problems View show UCDetector problems?
Check problems view filters:

How do I get rid of all of these UCDetector warnings?

How do I fix an OutOfMemoryError?
Increase java heap space by declaring the following VM parameters in ECLIPSE_HOME/eclipse.ini:


Does UCDetector find unnecessary private code?
No. Use eclipse compiler settings to find unnecessary private code.

Can I trust 100% UCDetector warnings?
No. Check reflection, do a full text search, ask your architect, apply changes carefully.

Is there a UCDetector version for other IDE's?
No. UCDetector is limited to Eclipse IDE.
Workaround: Create html report, copy and paste first column to anything your IDE uses to jump to code locations. See discussion

I need UCDetector to check name conventions. Can you extend UCDetector?
No. Use other tools like PMD, Checkstyle, Finbugs.
Or check out org.ucdetector.additional and write your own detection.

Is there an ANT task to create UCDetector reports?
Yes. Unzip folder org.ucdetector.source_x.y.z.zip/ant, check README.txt

Why did you create UCDetector?
UCDetector is a private project. I started it to find unused code, especially before and after refactoring.

How can I see UCDetector traces?
Goto UCDetector Preferences. Tab "Other"

Where can I find UCDetector Exceptions?
Check the eclipse error log view and the eclipse log file at: ECLIPSE_WORKSPACE/.metadata/.log

Why is UCDetector so slow?
When you manually try to find unused code, you search for references, which is slow. UCDetector searches for references all the time and it checks inheritance.

How can I make UCDetector faster?
Changing preferences can improve the speed of UCDetector slightly.